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Verjaardagswensen in het Engels

Count your garden by the flowers
Never by the leaves that fall
Count your days by the golden hours
Don't remember clouds at all
Count your years with smiles, not tears
Count your age by friends, not years!

Happy Birthday
You are very special
and you deserve the best.
I wish you a wonderful life
filled with love and happiness.
I hope others bring you joy,
just as you've brought joy to me,
then you can weather any storm
and be all you want to be.

With wishes and kisses
and lots of hugs too
as everyone celebrates
30-years-old YOU!
A birthday greeting
To wish you nothing less
Than all the special things in life
That brings you happiness
Happy Birthday son!
I'm so proud to be your Mom.
Life was never boring
when you were growing up.
You never met a stranger,
you called them all friends,
and if they needed help,
you just moved them in.

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